katesborntorun (katesborntorun) wrote in inthejungle_ooc,

What's The Deal?

It seems this place is plagued by inactivity again! You guys are all a really good group, that's evident. But Kate is sorta in limbo cause the group's Sawyer is MIA. I could of course have her wander off, and probably will tomorrow--but it seems that only two or three of us are actually posting! Even those who implored RP to start up again haven't posted anything. Leaves me a bit confused. I know real life invades and such, but it takes just a few minutes to post here and nothing is going down. :( If anyone else is really eager, the RP board I admin is jumping with activity and we still need A LOT of characters (Jack, Sayid, Hurley, Sun, etc.) I am not trying to call in a time of death on this thing or anything, but if you guys are anxious--it seems you have the time to join up since things aren't going anywhere here. I must seem like an asshole pimping because of the inactivity, but I know you guys are really good and am eager to RP with you any way I can!!!! If anyone comments and is interested, the link is in a post below this one I believe. Otherwise, I can post the link as a reply here.
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