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Random stuff.

I don't know if this is allowed, I wont do it often but forgive me if it's not.

Just wanted to pimp another community to ya'll...
actors_guild - guild_mod
celebrity rpg. we need Lost cast members. consider it? Maggie Grace and Josh Holloway especially.

Anyway, the main purpose of this post was to ask how many of ya'll plan on participating via AIM? I was curious, I know alot of the old members didn't really show interest, and as far as I know right now it's only Sayid, Boone, and I that actually have screennames. I wanted to see what our newer members thought about this. I know I've gotten a few opinions but just clarify it for me, kay? Gracias, ya'll.
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I know that Boone is on Yahoo Rping with us there, so all we have to do is get you to get Yahoo already *pokes*. lol! I can always reget AIM, and I will one of these days soon. I'm just really bogged down with the other forums and RPs I'm involved in, plus I picked this moment of minimal time to start up a Sawyer fanfic and people are begging me daily to write more of it. *sighs*. So a lot on my plate to start up something new ;).
Wow you've got alot going. I was just curious.
If I already have a yahoo id, how would that work? Would I need to make an entirely new account?

I'm trying to be available on AIM more now ... And pimping is cool. No worries, so long as we don't get spammed.
I don't plan on doing it like all the time, just occasionally if I see a cool group or something I think ya'll might like.
Well you can make more then one, if you want one that's specificlly for Sayid. On every Yahoo Id you can make seven different Ids so that when you log on one--you log on all of them. You create them by going to:

The actual messenger itself>Messenger(top left)>My Profiles>Create/Edit My Profiles

Drop me your Yahoo name, and I'll add you. Then if I see that you're on when we are, I'll invite you to join the Rp (I usually just start a room myself, so I can do invites)
It's sayid_jarrah. I know, my creativity floors you. ^_^ See you around.