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"In the Jungle" OOC

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This RPG is for dedicated role-players only, and right now we are not accepting original characters. Don't let that keep you from participating, but we ask just a few things as common courtesies to maintain an involved and exciting role-play:

[1] When you apply, commit to post either to the character journal, main journal, or in comment form several times a week (once or twice is fine if your character isn't very involved at the moment, but do check to see if there are any opportunites to become more involved).

[2] If you know that you will be gone for any significant length of time, let us know. If there's some kind of an emergency and you don't get the chance to tell us what's up before hand, tell us when you get a chance. We all have lives. Just don't drop off the face of the Earth for weeks without end.

[3] Third person narrative on the main community, please, and don't be afraid to start a post/thread. This all gets boring pretty fast if no one takes the initiative.

Play. Be merry. Be angsty. Get Lost.

yndigot owns us all.

Current Cast:
Jack open - -
Kate katesborntorun readywreadywit ?
Locke lockedandsealed helplessly_hope ?
Sawyer open - -
Sayid mechanicalthing yndigot guardsman sayid
Charlie charlierockgod helplessly_hope -
Claire open - -
Shannon snickershannon summerblues snickershannon
Boone __boone - Frigging Gift
Sun open - -
Jin open - -
Michael open - -
Walt open - -
Hurley open - -
Rousseau open - -
Liam liam_pace helplessly_hope ?