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Incase any of you guys missed it, I've been added to the team of mods. You may refer to me as bitch. Unfortunately I'm going to have to take up the job of making sure everyone keeps their behinds in gear (not that I mind doing it), which requires me to be ...harsh? Yeah. That's the word. So if I hassle you about being more active, don't take it personally. Just know I'm doing my job.

Moving on. I've started setting up the flashback community, ( itj_flashbacks, you can join and add it to your friendslists and what not, but there's nothing there yet) and I need to know what characters you guys would like to see in the game. Jack, do you want your ex-wife, your father, this Ana Lucia chick? Sayid, Nadia? Charlie, some random priest from the church? LAUGH OUT LOUD. Okay but seriously, let me know if you guys have any characters you'd like to see in the flashback community.

There was another point I wanted to make. I can't remember what it was.

OH YEAH. I will be getting all players in gear this week. Anyone who I feel has not been participating actively will get a reminder on their personal journal, and if they don't start participating by 6:00 Sunday night (Eastern time) then they will be removed. A week is plenty of time to get your act together, and if you still don't have the time to do something about it, you obviously don't have enough time for this community. So step down gracefully and let some other eager person take your role. K?
I'm going to go back and check to see who's on vacation though so I don't wrongfully accuse someone of not being around. HEH.

And if everyone who's active could participate in some way before Wednesday, comment in one of the threads, start your own...I'd appreciate it. It would make my job alot easier.

Thanks guys. If you have any questions, comments, or you just think I really need to know what you think of me, drop a note.

eta: I checked the vacation list, and as far as we know everyone is in town right now, and Sayid will be going away soon. If you don't have time to post, darlin, don't worry about it.
I'm just going to leave a comment on everyone's personal journals, it makes it easier. So if you get a comment don't think, "OMGZ the mod hates mee!!11!!!1 MY LyFE Iz OVAR!11111"

eta 2: Here's a list of people that I know are active. I'm just keeping track of it here.
Sayid, Charlie, Locke, Boone, Shannon, Kate
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